California Candle®, THE FLAMELESS CANDLE.
And our products continue to stand in a league of their own.

Not plastic. Not silicone. Not anything else. The majority of our candles are crafted from real wax, just like a real candle. You want your candlelight to look and feel real – forget the flame, but keep everything else the same.

Only Candle Impressions® has a complete assortment of over 500 innovative products. This allows us to uniquely meet even the most discerning décor needs.

California Candle® create an unmistakably real flicker without the risk and mess of melted wax to clean and releasing byproducts into the air we breathe.

Candles are wind resistant so they are the ideal choice for  outdoor activities, BBQ’s, caravan and camping, pool areas and much more.

you can’t discuss the benefits of flameless candles without mentioning the huge cost savings they provide over their open flame counterparts. Whether you have a 12-table restaurant or a national chain using thousands of candles, making the switch from tea lights, fuel cells and pillar candles could save you tens of thousands of dollars throughout the useful life of the candles.